November 10, 2017

TestBash Philly - Day 1!

Seven speakers. Ten types of games people can play that represent what testers face daily. Free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an open bar. A full day of activities from 8:00 am, starting with a Lean Coffee, and ending at 11:00 pm, with attendees breaking out their board games.

Day 1 of TestBash Philly, here in the FringeArts Theater, at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, PA was amazing! Paying all expenses out of pocket to get here was completely worth it. As the sole active organizer of the Ministry of Testing - Boston, it was nice to connect with other organizers!

... I wonder if we could bring a TestBash to Boston in 2019? ... I wonder if Microsoft's N.E.R.D (New England Research and Development) Center would be a good venue? It does allow people to book events, but it has been closed for a bit while they do some reconstruction. Hrm...

What was TestBash Philly like on Day 1? Here's a sample!

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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