November 27, 2017

Teaser for "How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer" @

Want a teaser of my upcoming talk?

I will be speaking about "How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer", a more polished version of the October 2016 talk I gave to the Ministry of Testing - Boston, based on my TechBeacon article of the same name. I include:

  • "I'm an automation developer, not a coder! Why am I being interviewed?"
  • "What does the interviewer expect of me?"
  • "How can I prepare?"
  • I also walk through three different coding examples. 

Producing the pre-recorded video was stressful... but not as stressful as a coding interview!

I'll be giving a LIVE Q & A session to complement the talk on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018!

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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