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This blog started when I was trying to find a place to put my notes as I was trying to make the attempt to switch over from being a manual to an automated tester.

Here is a grouping of common themes I have been blogging about since January 2015.

AWS Cloud Security Testing

I started in 2018 writing automated tests for a cloud security firm.

Software Quality Assurance

I have been working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer since 1996. Learn more about the Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies, and how software testing has changed over the years!

Security Testing

I spent a year as a junior security tester at a company, and find it facinating!

Automation Frameworks for Web-based User Interfaces

I worked at Fitbit-Boston (2015-2016) and Good Start Genetics (2016) as an automation developer, first using Selenium / Java, then using Node.js based Nightwatch.js.

Automation Frameworks for  Mobile User Interfaces

I put together a mobile proof-of-concept using Appium and Java for Ahold-Quincy (2017) usjng Appium + Java. I was exploring if it was possible to use Serenity BDD for mobile devices:

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