After twenty years of software testing experience, I have been trying to find ways to contribute to the software testing community. Here are a listing of Articles, Video Talks, and Speaking Engagements.




I have started publishing articles, writing for sources other than this blog.

Video Talks:


Ministry of Testing - Boston:
  • Meetup Organizer for the software testing group, the Ministry of Testing - Boston, planning and running events, networking with other businesses in the Cambridge and Boston area, always on the lookout for hosts, speakers, and sponsors. 


Speaking Engagements:

I've started giving talks at software testing events. Want me to give a talk listed below? Let me know! 

  • 6/20/2018: "How to Work With Developers" @ the online conference

  • 1/9/2018: "How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer" @ the online automation conference,

Boston QA Meetup: How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer
Speaker: T.J. Maher
Date Given: Monday, October 17, 2016

Slides from Presentation:

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