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In just the past few years, the software testing industry has changed drastically. I found when I was first training myself on automation development that I was taking copious amounts of research notes. My wife, Melissa, had the brilliant idea of posting them all online, so others could be helped by what I was learning. We even came up with the cute name together -- Adventures in Automation! Whenever I am learning a new automation toolset or technology, a new five-part blog post isn't too far behind.

As you can see in the past two years, I have been quite busy: http://www.tjmaher.com/p/programming-projects.html ... This is the result of me locking myself away many a weekend in our home office. Thank you, Melissa, for your continued support and encouragement for me continuing my weird little side-projects.

Summer of 2016, I finally found and joined a local software testing group. By October 2016, I gave my first public presentation to it. And when the group rebranded itself the Ministry of Testing - Boston, I ended up co-organizing it!


When was the last time I read a book? A real book? One that wasn't software related?


About T.J. Maher: 

I'm Thomas F. Maher, Jr ("T.J."), a Software Quality Assurance Engineer since 1996. I finally made the leap from manual to automated testing to software engineer in test. Although I earned a BSCS / Theater minor from Bridgewater State and a Masters of Software Engineering from Brandeis, coding hasn't been a focal point of his career -- until the past two years.

I finally entered the field of automation development at Fitbit-Boston, spending two years writing the automation test framework for their eCommerce application using Selenium WebDriver + Java. I spent a few months at Good Start Genetics, brainstorming with other Software Engineer in Tests to build out automation frameworks for their software systems there using NightwatchJs + JavaScript + Node.js. I'm now at Ahold-Delahaize, the parent company of the Stop & Shop grocery chain, putting together a proof-of-concept of a mobile automation framework with Appium + Java.

I blog about what I have been learning, what skills I have been picking up, how they do things with automation at whatever company I am working at.

I am a former gung-ho assistant organizer (2008 - 2010) for the Nerd Fun Meetup group, once running four or five events a week, going to lectures technological, scientific and historical all around the Cambridge / Boston area. I met my wife through the group, and we still bounce around Boston with friends that we have made there.

Feel like dropping me a line?

GitHub: http://www.github.com/tjmaher

Code Samples:

Code samples can be found on my GitHub account. GitHub is a web based service  developers can use as a code repository, checking in code where if set others can view. It is based off of "Git", a version control system for Linux.

Walkthroughs of programming projects can be found here.


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