April 5, 2017

Become an Event Organizer for the Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup!

Going to an Event or Conference?

Planning to go to a software testing conference? Do you dislike flying solo? Don't wait for someone else to put it on the calendar. Become an event organizer and gather together a ragtag group of Ministry of Testing - Boston members to sign up to the event with you!

Want to Host a Lean Coffee?

Do you wish there were more Ministry of Testing - Boston Lean Coffees in your area? Become an Event Organizer, find a spot to meet, and host your own! (Note, for this event, it is best to cap attendance at 15 people, or the discussion may be unwieldy).

Want to Host an Event at Your Company?

Are you a QA Manager or know someone who is? Do you have a new automated toolset to demo? Want to host a roundtable discussion on testing tools and techniques? Become an Event Organizer and host your very own Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup event at your workplace! It's a great way to get the word out about open job reqs, testing tools you are creating, or simply a way donate your wisdom to the testing community.

Write to Conrad Holloman or T.J. Maher to become an Event Organizer for the Ministry of Testing - Boston group.

Once you become an Event Organizer, you will have access to the Ministry of Testing - Boston calendar. Create a new event!
- T.J. Maher, @tjmaher1­, Co-Organizer, Ministry of Testing - Boston

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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