April 11, 2017

Adventures in Automation: Two hundred posts!

Wow, this is the 200th post I have written here on Adventures in Automation.

This blog started a bit over two years ago. As I was trying to do one last big push to try to (somehow) make the shift from manual to automated testing, my wife suggested that instead of the many research notes I was compiling stay on my computer, why not share them in a blog?

It was a fabulous suggestion! Not only did I have a code portfolio on GitHub that employers could view, they also received a walkthrough of the code with my blog from automating a simple site covering basic concepts, to building a test framework for more complex sites and testing more complex APIs.

It's still a mad scramble for me; I've only been coding on-the-job for the past two years.

Right now, I am attempting to figure out how to assemble a mobile testing framework with Serenity BDD to handle tests and reports, and Appium to handle mobile automation.

I have to say, thank you, dear reader, for all of your support over the past two years.

And, by the way .... Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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