November 4, 2021

Just purchased a new automation development book, Cucumbers and Cheese: A Tester's Workshop

This morning, I just purchased Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan's LeanPub book, "Cucumbers and Cheese: A Tester's Workshop . 

Although this book came out in 2012 and was last updated in 2017, the Gherkin + Ruby + Watir + Page-Object Ruby Gem framework described was the basis of the initial framework my workplace uses. 

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... Can't wait to read it! 

About the Book:

"In Cucumber and Cheese, Cheezy shares the concepts that help teams succeed with ATDD (aka
BDD, story test-driven development, specification by example, business-facing tests that guide
development, take your pick). And he does this the best possible way - with examples. You can
work the examples along with Cheezy, who makes them accessible even to people with not-so-much
coding experience.

"Cucumber and Cheese isn’t just for web developers. The book works through examples for web
services, mobile apps, XML, native windows apps. You’ll even learn how to create test data by

"The book includes essential seekrits such as how to handle Ajax and that pesky waiting for events
to occur. Cucumber and Cheese is soup to nuts, from general principles like page objects and Don’t
Repeat Yourself, to specifics for Rails developers on RSpec matchers and ActiveRecord reference

"Cheezy has a gift for making you enjoy yourself so much, you might forget you’re learning
something you thought would be hard. Lots of examples! And puppies!"

About the Author: 

"Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan has been teaching classes and coaching teams on agile and lean techniques since early 2004. Most of his work has focused on the engineering practices used by developers and testers. For the past few years, he has experienced great success and recognition for his work in the area of Continuous Delivery.

"He is based out of Toronto and focused on bringing Industrial Logic’s passion for technical excellence, modern agile, and lean product management to the Canadian market. He is the author of Cucumber and Cheese, A Testers Workshop.

"You can meet him at most of the conferences around North America during the year or follow him on Twitter @chzy".

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
Sr. QA Engineer, Software Engineer in Test
Meetup Organizer, Ministry of Testing - Boston

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