December 5, 2017

"Why Mabl Chose Google Cloud Platform Over AWS" will be LiveStreamed.

Tonight's Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup will be LiveStreamed! Go to to 12/5/2017 at 6:30 pm EST to watch!

"How do you compare and contrast technologies such as cloud service providers? What metrics do you use as a comparison? How do you decide to move from a technology you are familiar with to a new and different tool which may be better for your company?

"This evening James Baldassari, a Full Stack Developer from Raytheon, DataXu, and now mabl -- an early stage company that is developing a machine-learning driven automated testing service -- will walk members of the Ministry of Testing - Boston through:

• "What is a cloud service provider? Why use it?

• "What features do cloud services provide?

• "What were mabl's business needs?

The talk will be based on James' blog article, A Detailed Look at Why mabl Chose Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over AWS. From the introduction:

"As product development was beginning at mabl in early 2017, we had to decide which cloud provider to use. While we were most familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we decided to invest some time exploring all of the options available to us. Based on an initial set of requirements, we were able to narrow the list of candidates to just AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We spent several weeks researching both and building prototypes to familiarize ourselves with features that we had not used before. After a thorough and objective evaluation of both providers we decided unanimously to build on GCP". -

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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// Sr. QA Engineer, Software Engineer in Test, Software Tester since 1996.
// Contributing Writer for TechBeacon.
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