December 16, 2017

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Although subscribing to and reading this blog is a perfectly acceptable way to find out what is happening in the software testing ecosystem, joining the Twitterverse is the very best way to keep up to date on new testing and automation toolsets, and articles that are being published.

Create your account, now! And while you are there, you can follow me on @tjmaher1!

A huge community of software testers hang out and chat virtually throughout the day on Twitter sharing what they are learning right now! Hear from the experts themselves about articles they are working on, and tips they are sharing.

You could wait until Lisa's calendar frees up next year and she is a guest speaker for the Ministry of Testing - Boston, or you could follow her, and her co-author Janet Gregory.

Want to know what Jason Huggins, creator of the first version of Selenium, former CTO and co-founder of Sauce Labs, founder of Tapster, and another guest speaker I have been trying to get for the Ministry of Testing Boston, is working on? Follow him on Twitter!

Looking for more people to follow? 

Oddly enough... I made the list! 

With this blog, Adventures in Automation, according to Google Analytics, for the month of November 2017 there were:
  • 3,244 users visiting this site
  • 4,436 unique sessions
  • 1,556 sessions from the United States
  • 831 sessions from India
  • 282 sessions from Germany
  • 162 sessions from Canada
  • 98 sessions from the Ukraine
  • 82 sessions from Poland
  • 75 sessions from Israel'
  • 65 sessions from Australia
  • 60 sessions from France 
... And I don't even know who you people are! Sign up to Twitter, Follow me on Twitter, on @tjmaher1, and say hello! 

Happy Testing!
-T.J. Maher
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