October 19, 2017

Job searching is depressing!

Normally, I am an upbeat person. When I am a good mood, you can tell. I have a grin that goes from ear-to-ear. I laugh easily and heartily. If I had a tail, I'd always be wagging it! And -- my poor, poor wife -- I love making bad puns.

But there is nothing that taxes me more than job searching! It is unnerving, stressful, stammer producing. And the longer the job search continues, the harder it gets.

Basically, all the excess energy I had to finish the "Testing the Twitter API" disappeared. I'll be able to finish it once I find a position, but now, I am spending most of my free time looking at Indeed.com, Dice.com, and LinkedIn Jobs.

Looking to see how I started my career? Take a look at the early articles posted on my Table of Contents!

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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