September 4, 2017

Watch Gregory Hanson and Jeffrey Martin host SmartBear's State of Testing 2017

A few months ago, SmartBear, maker of automated testing tools such as ReadyAPI, SoapUI, sponsored a Ministry of Testing - Boston meetup, encouraging us to spread the word on their new survey about the State of the Software Testing Industry. Over five thousand people filled out the survey. The results are ready to be revealed!

"Did you know that 63% of testers are responsible for testing both the frontend and backend of their applications? Or that API tests are more likely to be automated than GUI tests?

"Discover what your peers are doing today in testing - the applications they’re building and the techniques they’re using. Learn more about modern test environments and how many teams are at the ‘tipping point’ of shifting left.

"SmartBear collected insights from thousands of developers, testers, and managers worldwide who are passionate about software testing. They openly shared their experiences, insights, and the challenges they face in their day-to-day roles.

"Join a panel of SmartBear experts as they walk through the 2017 ‘State of Testing Survey’ and divulge the key trends and observations we uncovered".

Watch Jeffrey Martin, Gregory Hanson, from SmartBear play host on the webinar broadcasted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017!

Testing and Development Webinars | SmartBear

One of the general trends they talked about is how Automated testing is starting to include not just the UI tests, but also writing automation at the webservice or API layer.

Their thought is that you can never replace manual testing, not would you want to, especially when attempting to determine the usability of a front-end design. Checking the GUI is a task perfect for a human, attempting to take in a lot of data at once.

SmartBear: The State of Testing Survey 2017

Where there was room for growth was in performing REST API testing, and with techniques such as service virtualization: emulate the behavior of the production systems during testing, generating the simulated responses from third party systems.

What type of Testing Methodologies Do People Use?
  • Service Virtualization: 12%
  • Performance Testing: 56%
  • Automated UI Testing: 62%
  • Unit Testing: 72%

Very few teams are using service virtualization to reduce dependencies, such as with Mocking and Stubbing.

What Languages Do People Use To Code or Create Scripts For Automated Testing?

"Java is the most popular scripting language among participants, with 62% of respondents using it to write code or create test scripts. Java, PHP, Python, and Groovy are the languages most likely to be used among API testers. Survey participants responsible for both API and UI testing are more likely to use Python and JavaScript".

Manual Testing:

  • Right now, 58% of the respondents are still using manual testing … SmartBear believes it will become more valuable, when paired up with Exploratory Testing, which is used by 45%. 

Happy Testing!

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