August 31, 2017

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I am happy to announce that I am the new Organizer of the Ministry of Testing, Boston chapter! ... or, at least that is what I have dubbed myself.

Back in January 2017, when the Greater Boston QA and Testing Meetup moved under the Ministry of Testing's umbrella, a community of software testers in the UK that was expanding into the United States, three things happened:

  • The Meetup group was rebranded the "Ministry of Testing - Boston".
  • I was invited by the founder of the group, Conrad Holloman, to be co-organizer, helping to plan meetups.   
  • After month or so, I was asked if I could mind the store for the Spring. Between Conrad going back on duty and needing to put more effort in running a group he co-founded, Operation Code -- training veterans in a new software development career -- he wouldn't be available. 
After six months of me going all gung-ho, running targeted Facebook and Twitter ads for the group, running two or more events a month, cold-calling and cold-emailing to see if they could host a Meetup event and possibly speak to our group... Conrad mentioned that he was stepping down. Could I possibly fill the Organizer role?

I have to say, I am having the most fun with the group! I have been recruiting friends of mine to speak to the group. I somehow managed to get Moshe Milman, the CEO of Applitools to the group. Angie Jones, via web conference spoke live from Twitter's San Francisco office. Sauce Labs is now a major sponsor.

Are you in the Boston area? Do you do QA, SQA, automated testing, manual testing? Come and join us!

And make sure to follow us on Twitter, @MoT_Boston! I run the Twitter feed, too. I try to keep it entertaining. And while you are at it, follow me, on Twitter, @tjmaher1!

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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