June 17, 2017

Notes from Eran Kinsbruner talk, The Digital Quality Handbook: Guidefor Achieving Continuous Quality in a DevOps Reality (June 13, 2017)

When the Ministry of Testing - Boston met up on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017, that evening's guest was Eran Kinsbruner, Mobile Technical Evangelist at Perfecto Mobile, talk about his book, The Digital Quality Handbook: Guide for Achieving Continuous Quality in a DevOps Reality, just released on April 28, 2017!

Perfecto sponsored the Ministry of Testing - Boston event. Thank you so much for setting up the event, along with the the refreshments, Lindsay!

About the The Digital Quality Handbook:

According to Amazon:
"As mobile and web technologies continue to expand and basically drives large organizational business in virtually every vertical or industry, it is critical to understand how to take existing release practices for mobile and web apps to the next level, including software development life cycle (SDLC), tools, quality, etc. Organizations which are already enjoying the power of digital are still struggling with various challenges that can be related to many factors, such as:

• "SDLC and processes maturity
• "Expanding test coverage to include more non-functional testing, user condition testing, etc.
• "Coping with existing limitations of open source tools and frameworks
• "Sustaining correctly sized and up-to-date mobile test labs
• "Getting proper quality insights upon each test cycle prior and post production
• "Branching wisely cross-platform and cross-feature test suites

"The issues above are just a few out of probably many others existing today. However, this book tackles those and provide working best practices to overcome them. Each chapter in this book addresses a key challenge and provides practical examples and real life 'recipes' to overcome the difficulties and eventually help other organizations who might be facing the same difficulties".

About the Talk:

Eran was fresh off of the STAR East software testing conference in Orlando, Florida, his previous stop on his book tour.

Eran Kinsbruner, ( @ek121268 ), Blogger for Perfecto Mobile, has been kicking around the idea of writing a book for a while. He called it a "brain dump" of what he has learned in his career. He wanted to create a complete view of what is end-to-end testing.

Eran giving his introduction... or is this his twin brother? 

Eran interviewed many for the book, gathering their input:

  • Microsoft's Donovan Brown
  • Applitools' Adam Carmi
  • TestFairy's Yair Bar-On
  • Applause's Doron Reuveni
  • Noga Cohen
  • Jacob Sharir
  • InfoStretch's Manish Mathuria
  • Rabobank's Wim Selles
  • Utopia Solutions' Lee Barnes
  • Jean Ann Harrison
  • Lior Kinsbruner

What's funny is that he also interviewed:

Eran's Presentation

A few sections of the book:

  • Microsoft talks about devops
  • Basics of mobile testing: Setting up a lab. 
  • What are the pitfalls for automated testing? How do you set up your first test?

If you want more information how his book came about, you can read his article "How the 'Digital Quality Handbook' Was Born" for more detail.

Automation Can Help Test a Fragmented Platform

Eran talked about how ten years ago, Sun Microsystems had a codebase, J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) they would distribute, delivering RI ( reference implementation) to clients such as Sony, and Samsung.

The problem was that Sony and Samsung would each develop it in a different way. Fragmentation in the industry made it difficult to test. Which version were you testing with? You really needed to understand how each version behaved.

... Eran filed a patent for mobile automating digital j2me.

How Do You Mix and Match Newer Features with Newer Tests? 

Eran demoed what is known as "the long press". Hold your finger over an icon, pressing it for an extended period, and new functionality can happen … but this feature is only in Android 7.0 and newer. In Android 6.1 they don’t have that feature. How do you connect device, application, and supported features with the proper testplan?

Eran described one way to do it:

  • ADB, the Android Debug Bridge, can runs a scan to see what features are listed in a place, such as a manifest file, then use that to piece together what test plans we need.
  • This branching can become a becoming a problem. You need a technology to smartly branch the right features to the right devices.

How Do You Decide On What Browsers to Use

How much digital test coverage do you actually need? Which are the right browsers and platforms? In Eran's article What You Need To Know When Planning Your Test Lab in 2017 covers that, how he advises companies in setting up a mobile and web testing suite.

How Does Perfecto Handle Automated Testing? 

Eran talked a bit about how Perfect handles automated testing. He tries to set up as much of a real world environment as possible: If you do not have automated tests set up a real environment, in a real world environment, you are just guessing.

This is why they use at Perfecto the concept of "personas":

  • Let’s say that you have a customer archetype, let's dub her "Georgia", who is a super user. You can map her to use cases the User Experience team has come up with. Keep her stats in a JSON file. How many devices does she have? What is she running in the background? What network? How is the latency? What phone iPhone 6?

Perfecto takes this data and put it through what they call a “Wind Tunnel”. For more information about this, you can go to https://www.perfectomobile.com/solutions/perfecto-wind-tunnel

Need an XPATH Validator?


Want More? 

You can catch Eran as a speaker at Joe Colantonio's software testing podcast, Test Talks,  at https://joecolantonio.com/testtalks/154-digital-quality-handbook-eran-kinsbruner/

Future appearances of Eran's can be found at his blog at http://blog.perfectomobile.com/author/ek121268/

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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