June 18, 2017

My fifth article was published on TechBeacon! "How QA can build quality into your software pipeline"

I forgot to mention... Back on May 30th, my fifth article from TechBeacon was published: "How QA can build quality into the software pipeline"!

TechBeacon always finds the cutest opening graphics for my articles!

... I do prefer my original title, which referred to the changing definition of quality as you moved from being a manual tester to an automation developer.

I can't believe it was a year ago that Rob Mitchell, Managing Editor of TechBeacon gave me a call February of 2016 after I inquired about writing for HPE's online magazine... but I had never written professionally before. What the heck do I write about?

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 4:45 PM, Robert Mitchell wrote:
Hi Thomas,
I forgot to mention yesterday that our pitch review meeting occurs once a week, so if you put a little flesh on the bones of an idea and get it to me by Monday I can get it reviewed and possibly approved next week. 
If you want to send something along I'll help you shape it. 
I wonder if we could write about your travails and triumphs as you climb the learning curve? It could involve discussing a particular challenge, how you attempted to resolve it, the outcome and ending with asking others what they would do? Just an idea.

Instead of an outline, I submitted something written for this blog back in April 2015, How to Switch Careers in the Software Industry.

Rob broke down what I had submitted into an outline showing the essential elements, and after working on what we had come up with, he submitted the outline as a proposal to the review board. After being accepted, Rob assigned me to Mitch Pronschinske as my editor. Mitch is amazing! He really helped me through all my insecurities about being a new writer. He always took the time to answer all my many questions, no matter how silly.

After a couple of weeks, I came up with "Switching careers in QA: From manual testing to automation development". Since it was published April 7, 2016, it has had 9,036 pageviews, and has been shared through the sharing sidebar 294 times.

Thank you very much, Rob and Mitch for having the all the patience in the world with me as a new writer!

Want to see what writing I am working on now? Take a look at the "Media" section of this blog, at http://www.tjmaher.com/p/media.html

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