January 9, 2017

Know any Coding IDEs for a Chromebook?

Two weeks ago, the hard drive on my home computer started clicking. That is when the blue screens happened. DTC_WATCHDOG_ERRORS and stopcodes thrown in Windows 10. First once a day, then once an hour, and this weekend, every time my Desktop loads up.

While I am trying to figure out what PC to buy next (Dell XPS? Dell Inspiron? All-in-one? Regular desktop? I surf the web, use IntelliJ, and not much else on it), I was going to pick up a cheap Chromebook to handle my daily requirement of blogging and web surfing at home, or blogging about various Meetups I attend.

Let's say I want to tinker with Java or JavaScript. Is there an IDE you like to use? I was tinkering with blogging about REST Assured next, but I didn't think doing any Java development, no matter how small the project, would work on a Chromebook, but I wanted to check.

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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