August 1, 2016

Fitbit-Boston is looking for Senior Software Engineer for new Software Test Engineering dept

Fitbit-Boston is looking for Senior Software Engineer for their new Software Test Engineering department.

Taken from Fitbit's job posting:
"Effective Automated testing is essential to agile software development. All software developers write tests, but some kinds of testing present unique challenges. Fitbit is looking for people with the skills of a good Software Engineering  and the mindset of a tester to solve testing challenges for our teams and raise the bar for test automation at Fitbit".

"As a Senior Software Engineer on the Software Test Engineering Team at Fitbit you will work as part of a product Scrum team on a sprint-by sprint basis to identify appropriate testing strategies, help integrate testing frameworks, and solve testing challenges. Your goal will be to enable the other members of the team to improve automated test coverage."

Note: Fitbit is not looking for automation developers. Fitbit-Boston is looking for Senior Software Engineers who have five years experience in languages such as Java, Scala, and Groovy. See for more information.

... In other news, does any company in Boston need an automation developer familiar with writing automated test frameworks in Selenium WebDriver / Java? See the Table of Contents of this site to see my skill set.

-T.J. Maher
Sr. QA Engineer,

// BSCS, MSE, and QA Engineer since Aug. 1996
// Automation developer for [ 1.5 ] years and still counting!
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