February 14, 2016

Coming up: RESTful Testing: How to work with RESTful API's using Apache's HTTPComponents and Java

The next series of blog posts will cover my latest project as an automation developer at Fitbit-Boston: Working with RESTful APIs, such as the one Stripe uses to process credit card transactions. Stripe graciously provides the general public a general use key to access their services. Topics covered:
  • Walking manual QA Engineers -- who may have a bit of Java programming experience -- through setting up their development environment.
  • Introduction and a brief history of RESTful APIs.
  • Introduction to the Stripe API and walkthrough of their excellent documentation.
  • How to interact with Stripe through Apache's HTTP Components such as HTTP Client, HTTP Post, HTTPGet, and URI Builder and Java.
I covered in my blog about how at work we were having conversations about Testing Beyond the UI: The Testing Pyramid. The work that I am doing is the next step in that process.

Please note: I've only been an automation developer for a bit less than a year, and I have only been working with HTTP Components for a few weeks, which makes me this all brand-new to me, too. That is why I am attempting this project: By forcing myself to explain what I have been doing, it will deepen my knowledge.

I was wondering, if you are more experienced that I, if you could do a code review when I am finished? I will be publishing working code on my GitHub account. Feel free to add any comments or constructive criticism in the Comments section at the bottom of the page.

These blog posts will be starting this Tuesday, and will be published every Tuesday and Thursday until the project is complete. Subscribe to this Blog to get the latest posts via email.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Testing!

NEXT: Intro to REST APIs

-T.J. Maher
 Sr. QA Engineer, Fitbit
 Boston, MA

// Automated tester for [ 11 ] months and counting!

Please note: 'Adventures in Automation' is a personal blog about automated testing. It is not an official blog of Fitbit.com


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