February 27, 2016

Do You Actually Know What Your Automated Test Is Doing?

When it comes to automated tests for your software application, what is more important?

  • Knowing that a test passed or failed
  • Knowing how a test passed or failed 

Without adequate reporting, you will never be able to tell what is being tested, how it is being tested, and whether the test is being thorough enough.

When I was a manual tester, I always made sure to write up a test case.

  • Summary Heading : What I am hoping the test is going to accomplish
  • Steps to Reproduce: A bullet pointed list of the specific parameters I am using to test the application, and where I am entering them.
  • Results:  What did I expect the results to be? What were the actual results? Did it (PASS) or (FAIL)? 

The Steps to Reproduce were quite important. When investigating the possible failure, they might pass with a similar set of parameters, but only fail with the exact parameters you used.

Or, the problem might be between the keyboard and the chair: The results might be correct, but my assumptions about how the product is supposed to work is not.

Or the test might only skim the surface of the application, and it does not go deep enough to reach a trouble spot.

Or the test might be mistakenly listing completely invalid data as being perfectly valid.

... Without an audit trail, you can never truly be sure.

I carried these habits into my new role as an automation developer.

  • When my Selenium WebDriver test opens a web application, logs into the system, selects a link, enters text into a textbox, chooses a radio button or an item from a dropdown listbox, or clicks a button, I keep a record of it. 
  • When there is a unique ID such as an Order ID or a Confirmation Number, I keep a record of it. 
  • When my test goes to a unique page like the Order Summary Page for an order, a manual tester can use to go to the exact page than has the error, I keep a record of the url. 
That recording of the results can then can be archived by name and a date/ timestamp, printed out in the Jenkins log files, or into an application such as TestRail, storing what passed, what failed, and how the tests were performed. 

Take a look at the following test. Without knowing anything about the application, you can see exactly how the test was performed.

Verify Customer Service can process a Full Refund for ARIA | US-NON-TAX | Free Shipping

 [ LOGIN: Going to the Commerce Admin Tool (CAT) Login page.  
   , LOGIN: Entering Username.  
   , LOGIN: Enter Password.  
   , Navigating to the Service Home page...  
   , SERVICE_HOME: Creating an Order:  
   ,      * Order Type: Standard Order  
   ,      * Clicking the 'SELECT_STORE_CONTAINER'.  
   ,      * Entering into the textbox: 'United States'  
   ,      * Selecting ProductFamily: 'Aria'  
   ,      * Selecting SKU Dropdown: 'Aria (White)'  
   ,      * Selecting [CREATE ORDER] button.  
   , SERVICE_HOME: Checking for errors...  
   , SERVICE_HOME: ... Errors Found: NONE.  
   , SERVICE_HOME: Proceeding to the Edit Order page.  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Edit Order QA1-ABCD1234  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Getting appropriate shipping levels for UNITED_STATES.  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Selecting Shipping Level radio button: Free  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Shipping and Billing Address are same. Entering Billing Address.  
   ,      * Country: United States  
   ,      * Name: Stripe70731 Test  
   ,      * Address1: 2445 E Old Penitentiary Rd  
   ,      * Address2:   
   ,      * City: Boise  
   ,      * PostalCode: 83712  
   , EDIT_ORDER: The following credit card details were entered:   
   ,      * Credit Card Number: 5555555555554444  
   ,      * Expiration Month: 02  
   ,      * Expiration Year: 2018  
   ,      * CSC: 123  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Entering Contact Info:  
   ,      * EMAIL: *** EMAIL ****  
   ,      * Phone: 6175555555  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Checking for page errors.  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Proceeding to the ORDER_CONFIRM_CHANGES page.  
   , ORDER_CONFIRM_CHANGES: Verifying 404, 503 and other errors do not appear.  
   , EDIT_ORDER: Checking for highlighted errors on the top of EDIT_ORDER.  
   , Proceeding to SUMMARY_PAGE:   
   , *** SAMPLE LINK TO ORDER ***  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Closing Flag: PendingFraudCheck  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Closing Flag: FailedFraudCheck  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Selecting [CHARGE_AND_FULFILL] button.   
   ,      * Acquiring the ORDER_ID.  
   ,      * ORDER_ID: *** ORDER ID ***  
   , REFUND_ACTION: Attempting to Capture Payments to Process Refunds:  
   ,      * Update RefundID: *** SQL CODE used to get Charge IDs ***  
   ,      * Update CaptureID: *** SQL CODE to Capture a Charge ***  
   ,      * Update FulfillmentStatus: *** SQL CODE to Fulfill an Order ***  
   ,      * Update PaymentCapture: *** MORE SQL Code so manual testers can check results ***  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Refreshing the page.  
   ,      * Acquiring the ORDER_ID.  
   ,      * ORDER_ID: *** ORDER ID ***  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Selecting [REFUND_SELECTED_ITEMS] button.  
   , REFUND: SELECTED_ITEMS: Page Header: Refund Information  
   , REFUND: SELECTED_ITEMS: Appearance of Page Elements are not currently being verified.  
   , REFUND_ACTION: Selecting Unit Price Refunding Rate: 100.00  
   , REFUND_ACTION: Charging a Restocking Fee: false  
   , REFUND_ACTION: Refunding Shipping: false  
   , REFUND: SELECTED_ITEMS: Message entered into REASON_FOR_REFUND textbox:   
   ,      * Message: This is a sample message  
   , REFUND: SELECTED_ITEMS: Page Header: Refund Information  
   , REFUND_REVIEW: Selecting [CONFIRM REFUND] button.  
   , REFUND_CONFIRM: Page Header: Refund Confirmed!  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Refunded Amounts: [-129.95]  
   , SUMMARY_PAGE: Verify the amount refunded matches the refund listed on the page  
   ,      * Expected Value: 129.95  
   ,      * Actual Value: 129.95  
   ,      * The Expected and Actual Values match. (PASS)  

What if the audit trail was not there? If it passed, would you know if it truly passed? If it failed, would you know what exactly failed?

With an audit trail such as this, you know exactly what your automated test is doing!

-T.J. Maher
 Sr. QA Engineer, Fitbit-Boston
// Software Quality Assurance Engineer for 15+ years
// Automation Developer for [ 1 ] year and counting

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