July 12, 2015

Online course: John Purcell's Java courses

To help me up-to-speed with Java programming after a ten year absence of writing any type of code, I have been working since January through many helpful courses I have found online. A few that I have liked:

Another favorite of mine is John Purcell's "Cave of Programming". John started out on Udemy.com, but has branched out to his own site. Every time he comes up with the next level of a course, he marks the earlier levels down until over time they become free.

Here is a list of a few of his free courses:

Java for the Complete Beginner: http://courses.caveofprogramming.com/courses/java-for-complete-beginners

  • Covers: if, for, while loops, switches, arrays, classes, objects, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, interfaces, using generics, handling exceptions, enums types. It even covers the Java Collections Framework with ArrayList, LinkedList, Hashmap, Queues, etc. 

Multi-threaded Java: http://courses.caveofprogramming.com/courses/java-multithreading

  • Covers starting threads, basic thread synchronization, and talks about deadlocks, and semaphores. 

Java Design Patterns and Architecture:

  • Popularized by the "Gang Of Four", it covers various software design patterns. Writing automated tests with Selenium, I find I am using the Singleton Pattern,  

What's new in Java 8: Under Construction: http://courses.caveofprogramming.com/courses/java8

  • This course just started being designed, and only covers lambdas as of yet. 

-T.J. Maher
 Sr. QA Engineer, Fitbit
 Boston, MA

// Automated tester for [ 4 ] month and counting!

Please note: 'Adventures in Automation' is a personal blog about automated testing. It is not an official blog of Fitbit.com


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