April 15, 2020

Why hire me as an SDET? Some recommendations.

As you may have seen in my last post, the workplace I have loved had a reduction in force. I made a lot of friends at Threat Stack, people I loved working with and hanging out with. I am really going to miss them.

I am now looking for a new full-time perm SDET role in the Boston role. Why hire me as an SDET as your company? Here are a few recommendations from the people I worked for, worked with, and trained:

Joe Baker, Sr. Software Engineer Manager at Threat Stack, LinkedIn Recommendation (4/15/2020)
"TJ is able to understand a feature the team is working on from the development and customer POV, enabling a great deal of testing. I had a high degree of confidence in the features he worked on. TJ was always available to test tickets prior to release, even under the pressure of resolving an issue for a customer. TJ is an excellent team player that’s always willing to help others and makes sure others have what they need while maintaining his own workload. 
"TJ has a great handle on what he wants to accomplish with his career. I worked with him on moving his testing from the frontend, to backend services. He was up to the task and enhanced our automated testing on our public API. Whenever TJ found a bug, his tickets were well written with clear reproduction steps. He also championed his tickets to make sure they were resolved".

Alan Salnikov, Lead Developer at Threat Stack, LinkedIn Recommendation (4/10/2020)
"TJ is a highly motivated and detail oriented person. He has a knack for asking good questions and coming up with very thorough test suits. Being an engineer on his team I felt like he would always make sure we kept shipping quality products. His communication skills are excellent. He would be great asset for any company!"
Adalberto Henriquez, Software Engineer in Test at Threat Stack, LinkedIn Recommendation (4/10/2020)
"When I joined Threat Stack, TJ was really instrumental in getting me onboard with all the aspects of the application and the automation framework. He develop the ruby based automation framework that's currently being use to test the UI. TJ also has a really positive attitude".
Amber Bennoui, Senior Technical Product Manager at Threat Stack, LinkedIn Recommendation (4/9/2020)
"TJ is a passionate QA software engineer with a keen eye for organization and identifying edge cases. TJ was a QA on one of the teams that I product managed, and I could always rely on him to deliver and execute on an amazing testing strategy for all of our features. If you have TJ in QA in your organization, rest assured that you will always be delivering high quality and reliable software products under his watch. Not only did we work together, but I learned a lot from hiim about writing test cases and sanity checking my own work".
Thank you so much, all, for the kind words. I am going to miss you all.

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
Sr. QA Engineer, Software Engineer in Test
Meetup Organizer, Ministry of Testing - Boston

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