May 17, 2019

New to Automation? Take a Foundation course at Test Automation University

New to Automated testing? Need to figure out what tests to automate? Who should do the automation work? How to get buy-in from the development team?

These and many other questions are answered in Angie Jones' Test Automation University course, Setting a Foundation for Test Automation.


The video course contains over 45 minutes of material covering topics such as:
  • What is your goal for starting a test automation initiative and what is it that you want to accomplish?
  • Who do you envision participating in your test automation initiative and in what capacity?
  • How do you plan for the execution of this strategy?
  • How to get people on board and help them understand their place in the automation strategy
  • How to scale your automation

Registration is free for this course, the current fifteen courses available, and the five courses listed as "Coming Soon".  Also coming soon, ... a course I designed for Applitools Test Automation University: Introduction to Capybara.

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
Sr. QA Engineer, Software Engineer in Test
Meetup Organizer, Ministry of Testing - Boston

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