September 10, 2018

Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals - Launch date September 12!

September 12th, Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals, the first book I have ever contributed to, will be launching!

"The Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals book, is a definitive guide for DevOps teams covering practices required to excel in implementing and sustaining continuous testing (CT) in each step of the DevOps pipeline. The book was developed in collaboration with industry experts from the DevOps domain, that includes CloudBees, Tricentis, Testim.IO, Test.AI, Perfecto, and many more.

"The book addresses all the DevOps practitioners including software developers, testers, operation managers, and IT/Business executives.

"[...] All profits from this book will be donated to to support kids that wish to learn programming".

Find more information here!

What a fun project! I am thrilled to have been asked to contribute.

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
Sr. QA Engineer, Software Engineer in Test
Meetup Organizer, Ministry of Testing - Boston

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