February 20, 2017

The Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup certainly keeps me busy!

From my LinkedIn profile, posted today:

Starting March 6th, I will be on a new six month contract-to-perm assignment as a Sr. QA Engineer at Ahold, Inc, the holding company for Stop and Shop, Giant Food, Hannaford's, and Food Lion. A new team will be developing new web and mobile apps at their New England Headquarters, and needed someone to test it as it is being built, then work with developers to automated those tests. Where is the HQ? Well... it's right here in Quincy Center, where I live... Literally a five minute walk from my apartment complex. Shortest. Commute. Ever!

... I am so looking forward to this! Most importantly, I will be glad not having to job search. The next two weeks can be like an extended staycation.

Good thing, too! There is so much I want to do:

  • Ahold uses as an automation solution Selenium WebDriver with Java, Serenity BDD as a testing framework, and the Zephyr plugin for JIRA. Although I am starting out manual testing -- the best way to learn how a product works and how it ticks --  it'll eventually move to automation. I want to make sure I am ready! I'll be researching all about those testing tools. Expect a few blog articles on BDD, Serenity, and Zephyr in a few months! 
  • I am now a new co-coordinator of the Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup group. Are you a QA Engineer in the Cambridge, MA or Boston, MA area? Come join us! Are you a QA Manager who wants to share your knowledge and wisdom? I know a group who would love to be your audience! Contact me so we can set something up on our event calendar
  •  In two weeks, the Ministry of Testing - Boston group will have its next QA dinner-and-discussion meeting at Panera Bread in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. We held our last Meetup on February 7th, 2017 at John Harvard's Brew House. It was a very good group of people, with some thought-provoking questions on the nature of quality and how one can assure it. I am working that into a new proposal for my next TechBeacon article. 
  • Oh, and I still need to finish off my blog series on the Java library, REST Assured, a way to test RESTful APIs. The first article was written on February 4th. I had the sample code all ready to go, when my five year old PC ran into a blue-screen problem, and I haven't been able to bring it back to life. Luckily, I have backups, and backups of backups that hopefully will be able to set me up when I finally purchase a new machine. In the meantime, this Asus Chromebook I bought when that happened has really been suiting my needs! 

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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