December 1, 2016

It's twinkly like a Christmas Tree! Deloitte's diagram of the "Agile Umbrella"

I just can't stop looking at this Agile diagram that Chris Webb, former Directory of Consulting at the Deloitte Consulting Company in Australia, put together.

Chris Webb's Agile Umbrella Diagram. Click on it to zoom in a bit. 

If you want to see the full size image, go to the Deloitte blog, entry, Navigating the Agile Landscape, written by Chris Webb  back in March 7, 2016. In it, he talks about all the different practices and frameworks that fall under what he calls, "The Agile Umbrella".

ScrumExtreme Programming (XP)DevOpsKanbanKaizen (Continuous Improvement), Test Driven DevelopmentAgile ModellingFeature Driven DevelopmentTheory of ConstraintsProduct Development (FLOW)Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)LeanDesign ThinkingHuman Centered DesignDynamic Systems Development MethodPrince 2 AgileRational Unified Process (RUP)CrystalMikado MethodCynefinLarge enterprise Scale ScrumScale Agile FrameworkDisciplined Agile DeliveryManagement 3.0Beyond BudgetRightshifting6 sigma.                                           
I've been in the software industry for the past twenty years, and I only have used a quarter of these!

It appears that it might be based on Craig Smith's 2014 talk, "40 Methods in 40 Minutes". Take a look at it the blog entry see the slides.

YOW! Australia 2015 - Craig Smith - 40 Agile Methods in 40 Minutes

However it came to be, the detail is facinating!

On Slideshare, Chris Webb calls it an Agile Placemat, Version 9.

It's a shame that it isn't truly being sold as a placement. It's something I might ask my wife to get me for Christmas.

... Well, maybe not with all the blinking.

Happy Testing!

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