November 2, 2016

(Video: 10/17/2016) "How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer" @ Greater Boston QA and Testing Meetup

I was invited to give a talk to the Greater Boston QA and Testing Meetup, based on my recently published TechBeacon article, How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer. I've given internal talks about QA and informal training sessions to small groups of fellow co-workers before, but this was was my first public talk in my twenty year software testing career! Thank you Conrad Holloman!

Boston QA Meetup: How to Pass a Coding Interview as an Automation Developer
Speaker: T.J. Maher
Date Given: Monday, October 17, 2016

Slides from Presentation:

The slides are slightly fuzzy in the presentation. I altered them slightly and placed them on my account on so you could get a better look at them.

If you really want more information, make sure to read the original article!

Want me to give this talk to your local Boston Meetup? A more polished presentation should be ready by January. Contact me on Twitter, @tjmaher1!

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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