October 25, 2015

Would it be good for an automated tester using WebDriver and Java to work towards Java Programming I certification?

So far, I have been doing well as an automated tester at my job. I've been doing well picking up Selenium WebDriver, figuring out how to automate our shopping cart regression tests, adding to the test suite, and remembering my coursework in Computer Science and Software Engineering that I studied long, long ago.

... I was wondering, though: to become more well rounded, should I pursue working to a goal such as a Java Programming I certification? It might help force me to learn the real ins and out of the language.

So, what do you think?

Do you think certifications are a waste of time? That they provide a good learning tool?

Edit: 10/26/2015: Polls closed! And the answer is.... Yes! ... one out of one people said yes. 

Mark your answer on the Twitter poll, and leave your opinion in the comments below!

-T.J. Maher

// Manual tester, 15 years
 // Automated tester for [ 7 ] months and counting

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