June 24, 2015


I've loved Sauce Labs every since I first heard about it. Instead of testing the same exact web application five or ten times in various browsers and platforms, I can write a test once? And I don't have to manually configure the browsers and platforms by hand? Sign me up! 

We use it at work. Sure, it's a pain setting up Internet Explorer 8, but you kinda expect IE8 to be a pain when using a modern web app with it. 

Have you ever read the blog Hyperbole and a Half? The post, "This is Why I'l Never Be An Adult" was where the meme "Clean AllTheThings!" came from. 

Sauce Labs designed promotional shirts branded with a new motto: test.AllTheThings!( ). 


Last week, I received something in the mail.

Unfortunately, they did not have a 4XL for my manager. 

... I was finally able to wear the shirt yesterday! 

When I am reviewing videos Saucelabs provides trying to figure out why our tests failed again, I can wear my shirt proudly. 

Test AllTheThings! 

-T.J. Maher
 Sr. QA Engineer, Fitbit
 Boston, MA

// Automated tester for [ 3 ] month and counting!

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