April 4, 2015

My new position: Sr. QA Engineer @ Fitbit Boston

I cannot believe that as of today I have been at Fitbit - Boston for a whole month! I am a Senior QA Engineer getting ramped up with Selenium WebDriver / Java development. I have taken many online Selenium classes with Java and Python. I have spent six or seven months running automation scripts at my previous position, but this is the first job in my fifteen year manual software testing career where I am getting paid to professionally program... Exactly what I have been looking for! I am really excited. It is such a great company!

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  • Have at least two years of Selenium / Java experience? Fitbit - Boston is looking for Jr. Automators. Feel free to Apply Here

What Fitbit - Boston does

Fitbit - Boston is headquarters of everything that Fitbit does with eCommerce. Developing the purchasing and order system. Altering and editing both the shopping cart customers use and the admin functionality the customer service representatives use.  Verifying that the order fulfillment process doesn't have any hiccups. Tailoring the shopping cart for each and every country. 

Fitbit doesn't use off-the-shelf software for their shopping cart. Everything is tailored specifically for their business. This means that a QA Engineer has to be aware of every part of creating an order, order processing, and the shipping process. Whether the Admins can create promo codes that can be used by our business partners. Whether taxes are calculated correctly for each state in the United States or every province in Canada. This means that deadlines are tight, bug fixing is critical, and testing is automated. And for automation, they use Selenium WebDriver.

... And I have never been more happy! I am actually being trained in automated testing. I thought I was going to have to switch fields in order to get gainful employment!

Here is part of our office's story as relayed by an internal HR Recruiter at Fitbit - Boston. You can read the entire article, Hiring in Boston - Q&A with Katy Smigowski at Fitbit Boston on LinkedIn here:

[Katy Smigowski, Internal Recruiter at Fitbit] "We opened the Boston office about a year ago. It started on Newbury street with 3 people before we moved to the Innovation District. We are at almost 30 people now. 
"It was meant to be an engineering office. We had our office in SF, but we wanted to make sure we were tapping into the candidate market in Boston. There are a lot of great schools, great companies, great people here. Not everyone wants to pack up and move to SF or be part of that scene. Our two co-founders, James Park and Eric Friedman, have serious ties to Boston too because they co-founded a different company here before Fitbit.
"There are a few different teams in the Boston office. The main one is our site engineering team. They work on anything having to do with the Fitbit.com platform. They work on projects ranging from data analysis to e-commerce and personal wellness tools. You know how you can look at all your Fitbit information online, like your sleep, your weight, your goals, all that? That is the personal wellness focus. In addition, our site is extremely popular, so the team focuses on scaling the site and building user experiences that really impact our customers. As many people as we can get in the door we’ll hire for that team. There’s so much they can do and they are held back by not having enough people". 
Looking for any positions? Go to Fitbit's Corporate Job Site, pick the category you are looking for, and choose to search just for positions in Boston. Good luck!

-T.J. Maher
 Sr. QA Engineer, Fitbit
 Boston, MA

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