May 31, 2017

Build a Basic Appium Framework: Download the tests and run them on your own MacBook!

This is part five of of a seven-part blog series. Care to go back to the beginning?

Now that we have set up a rudimentary framework, now it's time for you to download the framework we have created onto your own local machine. We will be using IntelliJ's built in feature... But you could easily use GitHub Desktop or could even use Git.

... Do you have a GitHub account? Get one! Then go through the tutorials they show you. They can teach you more than this blog ever could.

1) Go to the GitHub site of this project at

2) Press the green Clone or Download button. Here, if you wanted to, you could simply download the sourcecode to your machine as a Zip file.

3) Copy the Git file of the project to the clipboard. It is:

4) Launch IntelliJ, go to the main menu, and select "Check out from Version Control", and choose GitHub.

5) Change AUTH Type to Password, enter your username and password, and press Login.

6)  What is your username on your machine? And where do you like placing your coding projects? Normally, I place them in a sub-directory of Home, a folder I created called "code".

  • Git Repository URL:
  • Parent Directory: /Users/tmaher/
  • Directory Name: basic_appium_framework

7) Press the Clone Button.

... Now? The project will be cloned onto your machine.

Feel free to play around with the code, and write some tests of your own!

-T.J. Maher
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