June 25, 2019

Notes: Selenium 4 With Simon Stewart

Simon Stewart, the Selenium product lead, the creator of WebDriver gave a brief preview on what is coming up with Selenium 4.

Selenium, Simon says, is a family: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, and now Selenium IDE.


Selenium IDE

Some notes on Selenium IDE:
  • The new Selenium IDE is brought to you through Applitools who based their work on something from SideEx.org. Selenium IDE is the on-ramp for Selenium itself, for people who are not developers. 
  • Selenium IDE is converted from a Firefox extension to an Electron app
  • With Selenium IDE you will be able to add your own extensions and plugins 

I asked Simon on Twitter about SideEx.org. He said:

If you are looking for more of a walkthrough of Selenium IDE, Dave Haefner, now at Applitools, prepared a course for Angie Jones' Test Automation University:

Friendly Locators

Another new feature I was impressed by? Simon mentioned that they are planning on coming up with what they are calling "Friendly Locators": When searching for elements, you will be able to use keywords such as Near, above, below, left of, right of.

Docker Functionality

Selenium Grid is going to be modernized, so it can be scalable and be run using Docker. Yes, you can do that now, Simon mentioned, using Zalenium or Selenoid, but this will be built in.

Simon Broadcasted the Webinar From his Car

Thank you for the wonderful webinar, Simon!

Happy Testing!

-T.J. Maher
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